“Our people deserve a KOrrect Nigeria."

The future of Nigeria lies in our people’s safety and security; our people’s wellbeing; and our people’s prosperity.

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To Govern for and with the People


To achieve security, national cohesion, youth empowerment, and social & economic development. To lay the foundations for making Nigeria a top-10 economy in 2o years.

Working to Address the Urgent Issues Facing Nigerians

We are here to give Nigerians a real choice which the two main parties cannot provide since they are really two sides of the same coin

  • Security

    Our vision is to engender and execute a public accountability program intended to establish functional autonomy and efficiency of the armed forces which comprises the military, police and other relevant security agencies best positioned within their spheres and jurisdiction to dispense law and order across the federation.

  • Employment

    We believe that while full employment is a journey, it is an achievable destination. It means doing for the next five years, what has not been done before. Our plan is to put forward an “opportunity agenda” that seeks to incentivize companies to invest in Nigeria while creating millions of jobs across sectors such as construction and manufacturing, innovation and energy and more.

  • Wealth Building

    Poverty is defeatable. While this will require making tough and hard choices, it is a promise that we plan to keep for the prosperity of the Nigerian people. This begins with us putting millions back to work, reforming education and working alongside nation builders like farmers to ensure that our farmlands flourish and our tables are full from the harvest of labour

  • Cost

    Rebuilding the economy is the key to rescuing Nigeria from the high cost of living. We have a step by step foundation agenda that includes restarting job growth, boosting household incomes, investing in physical and technological infrastructure such as bridges, roads, agriculture, energy, broadband and critical catalyst to growth that will impact on lowering cost of living.

  • Waste

    Our administration will inaugurate a new oversight and accountability board to assist federal agencies improve their performance and reduce waste, fraud and abuse across all tiers of the government.


    “Everyone knows I am an optimist. I believe that Nigeria can and will change for the better, under the right leadership.”

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