Peoples Redemption Party

Who We Are

The People’s Redemption Party has its roots at the foundations of democracy in Nigeria. 

We are not afraid of nostalgia – indeed we believe Nigerians should be reminded of who we were and what we stood for, and from there reimagine a future of a Nigeria that works for all.

What We Stand For

The PRP is a people-oriented mass party, which welcomes all Nigerian citizens regardless of religion, ethnicity and creed, who share the Core Principles of the party. Accordingly, it is a democratic party “of the people, for the people and by the people”.

Our Principles

Value and Equality of Human Beings

The Power of the People

Genuine Federalism

Key Programmes

Building Durable Democratic Institutions and Forging National Reconciliation

Restoring Public Service and Public Accountability

Guaranteeing Public Safety and the Rule of Law

Forging National Unity Based on Genuine Federalism

Advancement of the Role of Women, Youth and People Living with Disability

A Just System of Taxation

New System of National Defence


Science & Technology Acceleration

Infrastructure Development

Education and Empowerment

Housing Development

Cultural Development

Youth Development and Job Creation

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